Pepper’s (Art) Warren is a working name for an independent artist (Kia Seppa), creating and distributing art work. The below terms and conditions only apply to the art side of the business and Pepper’s Warren reserves the right to cancel, amend and/or review any conditions and/or terms without prior notice. Where ever possible customers will be notified in advance of any such changes taking place.  “Pepper’s Warren”, “artist” and “we” refer to the artist and affiliated persons working for Pepper’s Warren. “Customer/s” and “you/r” for the purpose of this copy of terms and conditions is/are as stated above in Customer contact details. “Work” refers to the piece of art that the Customer has commissioned from Pepper’s Warren or a readymade picture whether framed or unframed.
1) For foreseeable expenses in creating the work we may require a non-refundable deposit. It is our aim to make sure the end result (work) meets the customer’s expectations and as such you will get something for your money. Deposit is payable in advance and will be included in the total price. Cash payments, bank transfers and Paypal are accepted. 

2) When the customer orders work, time scales and materials are discussed and agreed upon. Artist will honour these and if changes are necessary, will consult the customer in advance. If such consultation is not possible, artist will reserve the right to use her own judgement.

3) Artistic liberties will be taken but we always aim to deliver the best possible work for our customers. If there are any complaints or instances where the customer feels they have not received the appropriate service from Pepper’s Warren, they should in the first instance report it directly to us and we will endeavor to resolve any issues swiftly and without the need for civil legal proceedings. Pepper’s Warren is certified as a small business and is therefore governed by the relevant legislation with regards to providing services to their customers.

4) Pepper’s Warren would like to remind the customer that the copyrights to any work created rests with the artist until her death and after that claims can be made with her estate. This means we may, should we wish to, reproduce any work originally created for you in prints, photographs or by other means and distribute and sell these products. We may also publish pictures of the work on the internet, newspapers or other publications for promotional and other purposes.

5) You are not permitted to make financial gain from any reproductions of Pepper’s Warren art work which means that you may not sell prints of the work you have purchased or make any other copies of the work for your own financial gain. You are welcome to publish the work with credentials and should you wish to sell the original work, you may do so and charge an amount agreed upon by you and the buyer. Please notify the buyer of the on-going copyright.

6) Total price is payable when Pepper’s Warren informs the customer that the work is finished. This may be before the customer has received the work, for example in the case of us having to post the work to you. Payment must clear before any work is sent. Should the customer fail to pay for the finished work, Pepper’s Warren reserves the right to keep the work and sell it to someone else after a suitable period of time and after you have been given ample opportunity to come up with payment.